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Entry rules
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Entry rules

When entering the territory of Ukraine, the owner of a vehicle registered in another country is obliged to have a certificate of international automobile insurance "Green Card" or an internal civil liability insurance contract for the entire period the vehicle would stay on the territory of Ukraine.

Non-residents of Ukraine have the right to take their vehicle with them for personal usage for the term less than 1 year. In this case you don't need to complete a customs declaration form. In Ukraine you can only use the vehicle by yourself (if you have brought it into the country). The car can't be used for commercial purposes, dismantled, sold or be rented by other persons. If you want to perform any of these actions, you have to register the vehicle in Ukraine and pay the appropriate customs tax.

If you take a privat car to Ukraine in order to transit the country, you may be asked to complete a customs declaration form and pay a deposit. You have to move vehicle out of Ukraine within the required timeframe, or place it into the customs regime of the State.

In case of travel outside of the country to the member countries of the international car insurance system "Green Card" on the own vehicle registered in Ukraine, the owner of such a vehicle must have a valid international insurance contract, certified by the corresponding unified insurance certificate "Green Card". On its basis, the insurer that issued the certificate will provide compensation for damage caused by a citizen of Ukraine to third parties as a result of a road traffic accident that occurred through his fault during the validity of the specified certificate.

The compensation payment to victims of road traffic accidents is carried out under the conditions determined by the legislation on compulsory civil liability insurance of the country in which the road accident occurred.

If your car breaks down and can't be fixed, you should let the Customs Service know about this fact and prove that it can't be repaired. After that you may dispose the car through the official channels of the Customs Service.

You can find more information about bringing your car to Ukraine on the State Fiscal Service's website (in Ukrainian).

We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the law on compulsory insurance of vehicles in Ukraine

In the case of entrance to Ukraine the owner of a vehicle registered in any other country shall have during the whole period of stay of this vehicle on the territory of Ukraine an International Motor Insurance Certificate (Green Card) or an internal MTPL insurance policy (domestic insurance valid on the territory of Ukraine).

Where can an International Motor Insurance Certificate (Green Card) be concluded?

To conclude an International Motor Insurance Certificate (Green Card) is necessary to contact an insurer in the country of the vehicle’s registration.

Consultation on MTPL insurance

If you need consultation on mandatory third-party liability insurance, we offer to familiarize yourself with the information on the MTIBU website ( Or in case of necessity to receive additional information please call a 24-hour contact centre of MTIBU at 0-800-608-800.

How can an agreement be concluded?

To conclude an MTPL insurance policy it is necessary to contact an insurer having the right for provide this type of insurance. Insurance companies that received in accordance with the established procedure a license for provision of this type of insurance and being members of the Motor (Transport) Insurance Bureau of Ukraine (MTIBU) have the right to provide MTPLI services. The information on the list of MTIBU’s Members is displayed on the MTIBU website (

Electronic policy

A valid MTPL insurance policy is enough to provide in a visual form – in electronic or paper form. Upon verification of it data will be compared to the one in the MTIBU database

Your attention is specifically drawn to the main stages of conclusion of electronic insurance agreements, which are important for an insured. For conclusion of an internal electronic insurance agreement it is necessary to:

- Choose an insurance company. You can familiarise yourself with information about assessment of activity of insures and a list of member companies of the system of direct settlement of losses on the MTIBU website (

- Choose a method of conclusion of an internal electronic insurance agreement: alone, through the website of the insurance company, or by contacting the office of the insurance company or with the assistance of an insurance agent – representative of the insurer. The register of agents is available on the MTIBU website.

- Receive from the insurer a proposal to conclude an internal electronic insurance agreement.

- Check conformity of the data in the proposal and information contained in the centralised database of MTIBU, received from the insurer. If all data contained in the centralised database are correct and coincide with the one in the proposal, it is necessary to pay the insurance premium specified in the proposal by any of the methods offered by the insurance company

- Sign an internal electronic insurance agreement in the manner offered by the insurer.

Receive from the insurer confirmation of conclusion of an electronic insurance agreement in the form of a visual form of policy (PDF).

An internal electronic insurance agreement shall come into force on its effective date specified in the insurance policy. This date shall not be earlier than the date of registration of an agreement in the centralised database of MTIBU. Control over presence of insurance of a car transported along the roads of Ukraine is made by the National Police of Ukraine.

How to verify a policy

A policyholder can verify the status of the MTPL insurance policy via Centralised Database of MTIBU (

For this purpose, it is necessary to:

1. Record in the window of the Centralised Database of MTIBU ( the car number or series and number of an insurance policy form

2. Press Search

3. If the system informs that these data are absent in the Centralised Database, try to repeat search, having carefully checked the data put by you. Absence of information can be reasoned by the fact that data can be introduced to the Centralised Database of MTIBU by an insurer with certain delay. So, in case of absence of data it is reasonable to re-submit a request to the Centralised Database of MTIBU in some days.

Acts in case of a traffic accident on the territory of Ukraine?

The parties involved in a traffic collision shall:

• urgently inform a relevant subdivision of the National Police of Ukraine about a traffic accident;

• inform each other about them, their place of residence, name and location of an insurer, and provide information about relevant insurance policies;

• take their best efforts to prevent or minimise further damage;

• immediately (at most within three business days from occurrence of a traffic accident) provide to the insurer, with which an MTPL insurance policy is concluded or in cases provided by Art. 41 of the Law of MTPL written notice of a traffic accident, as well as information about location of their vehicles and damaged property, contact telephone number and their address. If the driver of a vehicle did not allow to fulfil this obligation for good reason, he shall document it.

In the process of documentation of a traffic accident a relevant sub-division of the National Police of Ukraine shall establish and record required information about mandatory insurance of civil liability of the parties involved in this accident.

Europrotocol (European Accident Statement)

Europrotocol is a simplified method of documentation of a traffic accident without calling a police. It is a special European-style paper form issued by the insurance company where you purchased the policy, and filled out by the drivers involved into the traffic accident at the scene of the accident. The document is the basis for documentation of an accident by an insurance company and further payment of indemnity under MTPLI to the injured party

There is a list of terms, under which a Europrotocol can be used:

• There are no injured or dead in the traffic accident.

• Both drivers have MTPL Policies.

• There is consent of drivers of vehicles involved into the traffic accident concerning its circumstances.

• Both parties are not under the influence of alcohol, drug, or under medication

• Also, one should remember that the limit of payments under a Europrotocol is UAH 50,000.

In case of non-fulfilment of one of these terms it is necessary to call the National Police for documentation of a traffic accident.

Also please find attached the information on MTPL insurance in Ukraine which may be practical and useful. This information is also displayed on the site of the Council of Bureaux, Managing Organisation of the Green Card system (

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